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> Region: Southern Rhône > Subegion: Gigondas

Chateau Saint Cosme Gigondas Hominis Fides 2017

Chateau Saint Cosme Gigondas Hominis Fides 2017

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Hominis Fides is typically the most elegant of Château de Saint Cosme’s three single-vineyard Gigondas. “Grenache grown in the sandy soil produces marvelously textured wines as well as extremely refined tannins; a very special and stylish wine,” says Louis Barruol. The wine features aromas and flavors of pepper, truffle, graphite, and smoke.

Château de Saint Cosme is the leading estate of Gigondas and produces the benchmark wines of the appellation. The property has been in the hands of the Barruol family since 1490. Louis Barruol took over from his father in 1992 making a dramatic shift to quality and converting to biodynamics in 2010.

Château de Saint Cosme Gigondas Hominis Fides is where some of the oldest vines of the estate are found with an average vine age of 90-years. The vineyard is located across the road from Le Claux with Miocene-era sand mixed with clay and stones. Incidentally, the soil is identical to that of Château Rayas in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

The wine is a field blend of predominately Grenache, made with whole cluster fermentation from indigenous yeasts, aged in 20% new 228-liter barrels, and bottled without fining or filtration. Only 10 barrels are produced each year.

Grenache is the pale-colored, red-fruited, and potpourri-scented red grape variety of the southern Rhône and can be paired with both rustic and sophisticated dishes. Full-bodied Grenache-based wines are ideal with stews, braises, and grilled meats, while lighter versions can work well with dark fish and tomato-based dishes such as ratatouille.

Country: France

Region: Southern Rhône

Subegion: Gigondas

Grape: Grenache

Type: Red

Viticulture: Organic

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