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Producer: Faury > Region: Northern Rhône > Subregion: Condrieu

Domaine Faury, Viognier, Condrieu, Northern Rhône, France 2020

Domaine Faury, Viognier, Condrieu, Northern Rhône, France 2020

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Condrieu has the best terroir in the world for the Viognier grape. That is not to say, however, that it is easy to make great Viognier here. Without a gifted vigneron, the wine will veer into flabbiness. It takes significant skill and experience to make a Condrieu of finesse. Even though the grape is relatively low in acidity, the sandy soils and Lionel Faury's expert touch render this wine remarkably fresh and mineral.

Domaine Faury is a northern Rhône wine producer, making wines under the Côte Rôtie, Condrieu, Saint-Joseph and Collines Rhodaniennes appellations. The wines of Domaine Faury are known for their expressiveness and traditional style. They are lively and rarely show oak. New oak is used for aging, but the Faurys rotate between new and old barrels that range in size, from barriques to demi-muids, so that their wines remain aromatically pure. Domaine Faury's wines are considered to be classic examples of their respective grape varieties and appellation.

The domaine was established in 1979 by Philippe Faury who ripped out most of the peach, cherry and apricot trees to focus solely on wine production. Since 2006, Domaine Faury has been run by Faury's son, Lionel, although the two work side by side to produce an annual production of around 6600 cases.

Producer: Faury

Country: France

Region: Northern Rhône

Subregion: Condrieu

Grape: Viognier

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