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> Region: Veneto > Subregion: Valpolicella

Brigaldara, Amarone della Valpolicella "Cavolo" Veneto, Italy 2017

Brigaldara, Amarone della Valpolicella "Cavolo" Veneto, Italy 2017

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Corvina 47%, Corvinone 39%, Rondinella 6%, others 8%

Amarone Classico is made from grapes that are harvested in Brigaldara, located in the heart of Valpolicella Classica, at the entrance of the Marano valley. The selected bunches are the sparsest and best exposed ones. The careful selection of the grapes in the vineyard and the strict management of the drying process are of extreme importance for this wine. After about 120 days of drying, vinification takes place. Here, all the noble components held in the skins are transferred to the wine. Amarone Classico follows the traditional production method, aging the wine in large-volume wooden barrels for around 3 years.

Bright red. The clean aromas of red cherry and berries are enhanced by a floral touch. Initially sweet with a nice glycerine sensation in the mouth, it follows a slightly bitter note with a noticeable tannic bite on the lively flavors of red fruits. Classically dry finishes with a hint of heat derived from the significant alcoholic content of 16.5% ABV.

Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Subregion: Valpolicella

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