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Tommyrotter Cask Strength Bourbon-Barrel Gin

Tommyrotter Cask Strength Bourbon-Barrel Gin

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The perfect intersection of the gin and whiskey world. It’s the right choice for the adventurous drinker who is ready to take on a high-proof, category bending libation.

Distilled in the same process as our award-winning American Gin, we use the identical 12 botanicals to flavor our signature herbaceous, citrusy gin. In true bourbon fashion, the unaged spirit was placed in virgin White American Oak char #3 barrels at 62.5% ABV to rest post-distillation.

Through evaporative loss over the maturation period, the alcohol level dipped to 122 proof. After barrel harvest, the spirit was passed through a light particle filter to remove the residual charcoal fragments from the inside of the charred barrels.

No chill-filtration was utilized, as to not disturb the delicate essential oils that maintain the spirit’s gin profile.

Aroma—Sweet honey, pine and bourbon.
Taste—Barrel notes of oak and vanilla give way to citrus and warm winter spices, like ginger and nutmeg.
Proof—122 proof
Mash Bill—100% corn
Color—copper / burnt orange

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