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Lelarge-Pugeot, Champagne Extra Brut Tradition 50% Mugnier, Vrigny 1er Cru, Montagne de Reims RM

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Lelarge-Pugeot is an eighth-generation winery in Vrigny, on the rolling slopes of the Montagne de Reims. Certified organic since 2014 and biodynamic since 2017, the wines of Lelarge-Pugeot are bright and full of pizzazz.

This entry-level stunner features a meunier-dominant blend to highlight the power and finesse of the domaine’s leading grape, the underappreciated pinot meunier. This cuvée is the platonic ideal of growers’ champagne - one that seamlessly weaves the minerality in the soils with the delicate aromas of grapes from a blend of 30 parcels within Vrigny. A true reflection of the Vrigny terroir.

Type: Sparkling

Country: France