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Bonollo "Of" Amaro Con Grappa of Amarone Barrique

Bonollo "Of" Amaro Con Grappa of Amarone Barrique

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Amaro "Of" is a unique sensory experience created to present a modern and innovative amaro that is delicate and balanced both in taste and smell. Its unique spectrum of aromas is the result of a secret family recipe that combines an accurately selected mix of herbs, roots, essential oils and orange zest. The result is a delicious, well-poised bitter liqueur with great length and subtle bitterness that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the perfect cocktail ingredient.

Distillerie Bonollo Umberto is a 4th generation, family owned company with a multi-century tradition in the distillation of super-premium, high-quality grappa. The Bonollo Master distillers have always been at the forefront of innovation by constantly researching new distillation techniques and upgrading equipment accordingly. The Amaro "Of" is a modern take on the age-old Italian digestivo, designed to create a balanced experience of great depth and complexity.

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