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Château de Pellehaut (Famille Béraut) Armagnac Ténarèze 750ml

Château de Pellehaut (Famille Béraut) Armagnac Ténarèze 750ml

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The Armagnac region is composed of three zones, which correspond to different terroirs:
Bas Armagnac (Lower Armagnac), composed mainly of very lightly, predominantly sandy soils.
Ténarèze, on argillaceous sandy soils (boulbènes).
Haut Armagnac (Upper Armagnac), argillaceous limestone.

Bas Armagnac has the particularity of producing very mild brandies that can be drunk young. It is this particularity that has made its reputation.

The clay soils of Ténarèze yield more robust and powerful brandies. At Pellehaut, we are proud of this terroir, which is a contributing factor to the quality of the wines and armagnac brandies produced here. The variety and complexity of the soils means that the wines produced in this area are much richer and fruitier.

Thanks to our geographical proximity to Bas Armagnac, the vinification process, choice of distillation method and ageing method, the brandies produced at Pellehaut are fine, mild and complex. This is proven by the numerous medals they have won and selections by the international press.

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