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Valentin Morel Les Pieds Sur Terre Cotes du Jura 'Les Trouillots' Chardonnay

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Just a few years after earning a Masters degree in international law, Valentin Morel decided he would prefer to make wines inspired by his readings of biodynamic visionary Rudolph Steiner, the radical Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, and Matthew B. Crawford, the American champion of validated manual labor. Valentin studied winemaking in Alsace, where he was introduced and influenced by natural winemakers like Pierre Frick and Bruno Schueller, and returned to take over the family domaine in 2014. Rather than use his family name, Valentin decided to call his new domaine Les Pieds sur Terre, a double-entendre which means both Feet on the Ground and Vines in the Earth.

The entire domaine is certified organic, but farmed "beyond organically," with cover crops and complementary plants like radishes and beans interspersed between rows of vines (which are rolled down rather than plowed each year) to ensure a healthy soil conservation. All the vineyards are hand harvested and vinified with native yeasts, with the absolute minimum addition of SO2 (many cuvées have none at all). Nothing else is used, as Valentin believes wine should be simply fermented grape juice and nothing else, and his wines must be considered as natural wines.

Country: France

Grape: Chardonnay

Type: White

Viticulture: Biodynamic

Vinification: Natural

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