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Producer: San Fereolo > Region: Piedmont >

San Fereolo, Dolcetto "San Fereolo" Dogliani, Piedmont, Italy 2013

San Fereolo, Dolcetto "San Fereolo" Dogliani, Piedmont, Italy 2013

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100% Dolcetto with a little bit of age from the premiere region (Dogliani) for the variety. A serious wine from a grape variety that usually takes a back seat to Nebbiolo.

Nicoletta Bocca has been the driving force at San Fereolo since she acquired the property in 1992, during which time she has mastered the terroir of her ValdibĂ  subzone and completed the conversion to certified biodynamic (Demeter). The estate is among the greatest references for the terroir of Dogliani, which is located immediately south of Barolo in the Langhe.

The Dolcetto for this, San Fereolo's most important wine, is sourced from parcels found in prime positions as well as the estate's oldest vines. The 7-year wait from harvest to release reflects the importance of the “San Fereolo” to Nicoletta, who carefully tends the wine through its 3 years in large barrel before a 3-4 year hibernation in the bottle cellar.

Tasting will reveal a consistent vein of dense, warm fruit, which speaks of the Langhe source. Fresh mineral notes, mint, licorice and savory elements permeate the palate, while a lively freshness is alive in the glass. 

Producer: San Fereolo

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Grape: Dolcetto

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