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Rapa Giovanni Liquore di Ciliegie Nere "Ratafia' di Andorno" Black Cherry Liqueur 750ml

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Prepared with the juice of select black cherries, sugar and spices, this liqueur is silky smooth and rich in flavor. An excellent ingredient in the preparation of delicious desserts, with fruit salads and ice cream.

Author Angelo Brofferio, of "Italian Traditions" (1848) tells the legend of a black cherry liqueur that saved the Andornese population from plague over a millenium ago. As a result, the liqueur's inventor and his fiercest enemy agreed to espouse their children, thus uniting the families and restoring peace between them. The phrase that sealed the union between these youths, "et sic res rata fiat" translates to "and so the matter should be postponed." This philosophy, that sweet moments should be savored, gave this liqueur its name, Ratafia'.

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