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Phonograph Sparkling Cider

Phonograph Sparkling Cider

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The Fruit

Excellent fruit is the most essential element of great cider. We have established an orchard of true cider varieties that we grafted from our favorite orchards in the Finger Lakes. Some of the cider varieties we grow are Dabinett, Harry Master’s Jersey, Chisel Jersey, Tremlett’s Bitter, Ellis Bitter, and Kingston Black. These apple varieties are rare and most growers will not plant them because they are finicky and not very productive. Some of them only fruit every other year. But we grow them so that we can make these high quality ciders! The extra work, attention and love that goes into growing them is worth it!

All of this lovely fruit is grown with care and harvested at peak ripeness. We work closely with growers to ensure the fruit is just right for cidermaking. Upstate New York has had apple orchards for hundreds of years and the glacial soils and temperate climate is well-suited to growing apples with great flavor. The cool nights, especially in the autumn, allow the apples to ripen slowly and to keep the great flavors that they developed throughout the growing season. Notable American cider apple varieties originating in the Northeast include the Northern Spy, Golden Russet, Baldwin, and heirlooms that were commonplace 200 years ago.

The Press

All of our cider is pressed on a rack and cloth press that has been in use for nearly 100 years. It is powered by a tractor and is being run by the fourth generation of the Gansz family to press at this same location. The video above shows the press in action.

The Fermentations

Phonograph cider comes from a traditional winemaking approach. The fruit is pressed fresh in the fall at peak ripeness and fermented in the Fingerlakes. The ciders are immediately fermented with no sugar is added. This method showcases quality fruit in a pure and expressive cider. These ciders are made without adding sugar. Every bottle is naturally sparkling and the cans are unfiltered, unsweet and complex.

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