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Niepoort Tawny Port 750ml

Niepoort Tawny Port 750ml

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Niepoort Tawny ages in oak casks for 3.5 years, producing a port wine with a fine and balanced flavor. Freshness, lightness and balance are the key elements of this wine, with a bright caramel color and soft, sweet tannins. It is a Port that is easy to drink on any occasion.

Brick red / tawny in colour, with delicate nutty aromas and a hint of dried fruits. on the palate, very well balanced with a youthful fruity, luscious character, which integrates well with a long spirity finish. This tawny is a good match with cheeses and chocolate based desserts. It can also be drunk as an aperitif, served at room temperature or slightly chilled.

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